gem help command


# gem help command

GEM commands are:

build Build a gem from a gemspec
cert Adjust RubyGems certificate settings
check Check installed gems
cleanup Cleanup old versions of installed gems in the local repository
contents Display the contents of the installed gems
dependency Show the dependencies of an installed gem
environment Display RubyGems environmental information
help Provide help on the 'gem' command
install Install a gem into the local repository
list Display all gems whose name starts with STRING
query Query gem information in local or remote repositories
rdoc Generates RDoc for pre-installed gems
search Display all gems whose name contains STRING
specification Display gem specification (in yaml)
uninstall Uninstall a gem from the local repository
unpack Unpack an installed gem to the current directory
update Update the named gem (or all installed gems) in the local repository


機能 コマンド
hogeをインストール gem install hoge
インストールされたパッケージ一覧 gem list
名前にfugaを含むインストール済みパッケージを探す gem search fuga
ネットワーク上のライブラリを探す gem search --remote fuga  gem search -r fuga
パッケージfugaをアップデート gem update fuga
パッケージfugaの古いバージョンを削除 gem cleanup fuga
パッケージfagaの削除 gem uninstall fuga
gems自身をアップデート gem update --system
ヘルプ gem --help  gem -h
コマンド一覧を表示 gem help commands